Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok, so Matt has an interview in Sacramento on Tuesday. I kind of have mixed feelings about this. I am excited he has an inerview, but I don't want to move. I guess we'll see what happens on Tuesday. He is being flown out of Vegas at 8:50 a.m. and then returning later in the day (can't remember what time). Anybody have any advice about the area i.e. where to look for housing, etc? His office is actually in a town called Woodland, that appears to be about 40,000 people, which is fine with me. Living in St. George, I've gotten used to the smaller town feel. We have been told that the temps are similar to here in St. George and not too far from snow, if we' re interested in Skiing.

Day #5

It is amazing the difference one can feel after a good workout. I used to think that I was a pretty active person considering I have 3 young children that keep me on my toes, but that is not the case. I feel so good after a workout even if it takes everything out of me to get through the workout. Today I went to the store and could feel the amount of confidence I had as I walked around doing my shopping. It's not that I look any different yet, but I feel good. Also, I have heard a few people say they have positive thoughts hangng all over their house to keep them motivated, so I did that too. I don't know if it will help, but it sounded like a good idea.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day #4

Today I took it slow again. I walked 3/4 mile and then ran the last 1/4. My joints are still kinda sore and I don't want to push myself too hard that I lose interest in working out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day # 3

Yesterday my hips were totally killing me. I've never had that happen before. I didn't think I was gonna be able to run today because my hip joints were so sore, but they felt better this morning. To play it safe, I walked the first half mile and than ran the rest. I feel great! I just hope I don't give up after 2 weeks. That is my weak point. Anyway, I'm gonna journal everyday in my blog to keep track of all my efforts.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day two

Well, today was great! I ran a mile in 17 min 26 sec. A new record. I ate really good yesterday and so far today too. I tried the Yoplait Yogurt chocolate mousse whips, it's alright, but key lime pie is still my favorite!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Week 1

Today I dusted off the treadmill and did one mile in 18 minutes. That is a record for me. I know it doesnt sound very good, but I haven't even used the tread mill in 6 months. I weighed in at 222 lbs (I can't believe I'm telling everyone this) and I'll update each week. My friend Jamie (you know who you are) has inspired me to start working out and eating better....again. I'm gonna add a tick mark if I can figure out how to do that. Anyway, I have 70 lbs to go to reach my goal and I'd like to be there by my birthday in Feb. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kia's New Bike

Matt bought a bike for Kia at D.I. and then he got her a new helmet to go with it. Isn't she cute!?

Spencer's missing teeth

Spencer has now lost another tooth. His first new tooth is almost all the way in while the other one hasn't started growing yet. He is such a big boy!

"Frosted Flakes Day" at school

Wal*Mart provided Frosted Flakes Cereal for everyone as part of a promotional contest. Tony the Tiger was suppose to be there, but some law was passed that animals cannot be used to promote food to children, or something like that. So, Ernie the Elf was there. Spencer didn't want his pic taken, but I got the others.

Happy 31st Birthday Matt!

We had a small get together with some friends for Matt's birthday. We BBQ'd and I made this yummy chocolate cake. It was really fun. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kia's Room

These are some pictures of Kia's new room. We received a mail in rebate for a fridge we bought at Lowes and that's how we funded this project. Anyway, as you can see, the room is pink! Matt has added the white trim to seperate the colors since I took the pic. Also, I still need to make the curtains and I want these cute princess wall decals. Matt made her bed, but we decided it doesn't match. When we get the chance, we will get her a white bed and matching dresser. The dresser in the photo matches the bed (we found that in someones garbage) We have no shame!

Zions October 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Top 8's

Not in any specific order

8 Favorite TV shows
1. All CSI
2. All Law and Order
3. Biggest Loser
4. ER
5. Seinfeld
6. King of Queens
7. Flash Point
8. Cold Case

8 Favorite Restaraunts
1. Olive Garden
2. Famous Daves
3. Chilis
4. Applebees
5. Buffalos
6. Cafe Rio
7. Black Angus
8. Tuciis

8 things that happened yesterday
1. I brushed my teeth
2. Took a shower
3. Watched a movie
4. Put Wesley down for a nap
5. Played outside with the kids
6. Went to the store
7. Made chicken noodle soup
8. Made Cinnamon rolls

8 things I look forward to
1. Me time
2. Matt getting a job
3. Fall
4. Holiday season
5. going on a mission
6. seeing all my family in the temple together
7. getting a new, bigger car
8. decorating my house

8 things I love about FALL
1. Sweaters
2. halloween
3. thanksgiving
4. cool weather
5. leaves changing color
6. soup
7. Hot cocoa
8. cute family pics in fall backgrounds

8 things on my wishlist
1. New car
2. new carpet
3. New curtains
4. sewing machine
5. peace
6. job for my husband
7. a room for scrapbooking
8. a garage

8 people i wish to tag (don't have to if you don't want to)
1.Lene Morford
2. Amber Vester
3. Stacy Johnson
4. Andrea Smith
5. Kristy Crane
6. Lynette Bowers
7. Tonya Jensen
8. Melanie Fida

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yea, Today Matt has an interview with a firm in Mesquite. That is only a 30 minute communte so we can stay in our house and it sounds like a good job. He will be working with water instead of soils and materials, he thinks it will be an office job so he can dress nice. The firm is small with only one engineer and Matt likes the sound of a small firm. Anyway, I will post again later when I know the results.