Monday, April 11, 2011

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, beautiful family. We had these pics taken just weeks ago. After waiting over 3 years since the last ones I thought it was about time. Keeping current family photos is important to me. The kids change so fast it's hard to keep up with their growth. I will be happy if we can do this once a year.

Well, we are still living in Salt Lake and plan to stay unless employment permits otherwise. We would love to be back in St. George in our house but this is where we need to be for now. We have enjoyed this last year being near family and giving the kids the opportunity to get close to some of their cousins. We plan to spend the summer outdoors. We will do some hiking and lagooning and lots of bbqing.

Spencer is 8 and in the 2nd grade. He was baptized a few months ago and loves scouts. He is incredibley artistic taking after his daddy. He loves to read and write and play with his legos.

Kia is 6 just about to finish kindergarten. She is a performer in every way. She is a diva inside and out. She loves music, singing, dancing, and just being a girl. She loves to cook and is a great helper and nurturer around our house.

Wesley is 4. What else can I say?! He is itching to go to preschool. He loves learning and playing with others. He has really enjoyed socialiing with friends he plays with regularly at the daycare at the gym I go to.

Ella is 10 months. I can't believe she is almost 1 year old. Where did the year go?! She is walking and talking (well, jibber jabber) and is so much fun to be around. So are all the kids!

As for Matt and I, we are just cruisin' along. Having a family and working keeps up busy so we make it a point to spend time together without the kids. Datenight is a must in our house. We love going out to eat or movies or sometimes just going to the gym together is fun too.

I will try to do better with more posts and pics of the kids.