Sunday, August 31, 2008


About four weeks ago, Matt called me on the phone and said "pack your bags, we're going to Salt Lake for 2 months." I was so excited! My sister in law was getting married and Matts company had asked for volunteers to go to Salt Lake because their workload was so heavy. Matt was put on a job site near Brigham City and was working 17 hour days almost everyday. I dodnt see him much, but we needed the money. Work has been realy slow in St. George, so we thought it would be a great opportunity. Well, we are back in St. George, and jobless. Last week, Matt was called in and they gave him the news. Someone had asked that he be removed from the job in Brigham, and he was told there was nothing else for him at the time and that they were in the process of lettting go employees in St. George and he would be one of the first because he was one of the last hired on. So here we are. Matt has sent out resumes all over and has had a few responses. We may be going back to Salt Lake, but we are not sure. I have had Spencer registered for Kindergarten for a while now. He was going to attend a school in West Valley, but we came home, so now I will take him to the school in our neighborhood on tuesday.